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Exotic Tropical Wedding
{Bridal Bouquet with Cymbidium Orchids, pearly Amaranth, and Chrysanthemums of misty green }

{Bridesmaid carried a simple, chic cluster of Orchid BLossoms }

Exotic Tropical and High Style Arrangement

{Tropical Arrangement with Bird of Paradise, Roses, and Anthrium }

Perfect for Contemporary Floral Design

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{I make this for special event }

Tropical Bird

{Jenny and the Birds of Paradise }

Tropical Bird

{Exotic flowers are combined to create lovely contemporary treatment of Oriental designs.  Materials include Heliconia, heart-shaped anthuriums, Oncidium orchids, the Montbretia, and Ti Leaves.}


{Bird in Paradise }

Tropical Bird

{Orchid, Amaranth, Anthrium }

Tropical Heart

{Bird of Paradise }

Bird Paradise

{Bird of Paradise for Hawaiian look}

Bird Paradise

{I made this arrangement with Bird of Paradise, Orchid, and greens}

Bird Paradise

{Bird of Paradise Arrangement}


{Bird of Paradise, Rose}


{Tropical clutch and rose clutch}


{This Tropical centerpiece for any special events}

Exotic Tropical

{Orchid BLossoms with pearly Amaranth and Chrysanthemums of misty green}

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