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{Congratulation from Jenny's Flowers}

Turn a wedding dream into a dream wedding.

{Teardrop bouquet with Oriental Lillies, purple Lisianthus, hot pink Freesia, blue Hyacinths, candy pink Roses, and Fern}

{Say it with a rose!}
Perfect for weddings or any special occasion

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{Pommander of white and lavender for Briddemaid}


{White boutonniere for the Groom}


{Free 1 boutonniere for the Groom when order Bride's Bouquet}


{Pommander with pastel roses}


{Beautiful white bouquet for the bride}

White Dream

{A lovely touch of elegance for the wedding }

Elegant Orchid

{Bouqet for the bride or use for centerpiece}

Elegant Orchid

{Decorate chair at the wedding}

Elegant Orchid

{Perfect for formal ceremonies.  Trails of sprengeri foliage and smilax garlands enhance the sweeping fabric background.}

Photo Backdrop

{Orchid Corsage to wear on your hand or anywhere}

Orchid Corsage

{Elegant Phalaenopsis Orchids with Nephthytis leaves form a Contemporary Bouquet for the Bride.}


{Classic White Crescent bouquet with white roses, Cymbidium orchids, Stephanotis, and greens }

Crescent Bouquet

{Fragrant lilly}

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