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{Welcome to Jenny's Flowers Webpage}

Turn a wedding dream into a dream wedding.

{A beautiful formal posy with Bianca Candy roses, Emma roses, Amarosa roses, Pretty Woman roses, and Camellia leaves}

Jenny's Flowers bring your wedding to life with our exquisite wedding flowers.
We have attendant's bouquets, centerpieces, arches and altarpieces, and cake decorations.
{Elegant Vases for wedding}
Perfect for weddings or any special occasion

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{I design this for Bride's Bouquet}

Bride's Bouquet

{I make this bouquet for the Bride with White Roses and Orchid}

Bride's Bouquet

{Corsage with Dendrobium Orchid}


{I'm not the bride here. Since I have no model around for the bouquet, I just decide to dress up.}

Bride's Bouquet

{Rose Petals to decorate Table}

Rose Petals

{A lovely touch of elegance corsage for the Mother of the Bride }


{Casa Blanca lilies bouquet with ivory rose and green ivyy to softens the look.}

Classic Cascade

{The bouquet goes with any outfit}

Classic Cascade

{Winter Bouquet for the Bride}

Winter bouquet

{White Rose Pommander with Akito Roses, Igloos Roses, 10 Stephanotis, Queen Anne's Lace, White Freesia, and White Lisianthus}


{Linda Louie's wedding at Palo Alto church}

Palo Alto

{The wedding package include the Bridal's bouquet, Pommanders, 2 urns, Corsages, and boutonieres}

Palo ALto

{Roses for your love one}
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