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{Congratulations to the Bride and Groom}
{Congratulations to Cindy and Trung}

Falling to an Autumn Wedding, November 13-2004
{Handtied Bouquet for Bride Cindy for studio portrait}
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Photograher for the wedding is MBM Photography (408) 644-0197 (408) 226-9862

{Congratulations to Trung and Cindy}


{Groom picked up flowers for the Groom's altar}

Altar Flowers

{Groom picked up flowers for the Bride's altar}

Altar Flowers

{Flowers for the Altar}

Altar Flowers

{The Groom holding bouquet for the Bride}


{Groom gave bouquet to the Bride}


{Oh my beautiful bouquet}

Bride's Bouquet

{Bestman gave bouquet to Bridemaid Trang}


{Ceremony at the Bride's House}

Bride's Bouquet

{Groom's Boutonniere with calla lilies for Contemporary look}

3 Musketeer

{Tradition wishes and get red envelope for lucks}

Red Envelope

{Uncle handed out red envelopes}

Red Envelope

{Picture of the Bride and Groom and the Bestmen and Bridemaids}

Bride's Bouquet

{Bouquet with mini red and white Calla Lilies, mixed Roses, gold Eucalypus, Stephanotis with pearl, mixed Swarovski Crystal for contemporary look}

Bride's Bouquet

{At the Groom's House}

Groom's House

{Bride's bouquet with mini ivory pink Calla Lilies, mixed roses, and Eucalypus seeded spray gold for contemporary look}

Bride's Bouquet

{Signing in for souvenir}

Reception Table

{Handtied Bouquet for Bride Cindy for studio portrait}

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