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{Welcome to Jenny's Flowers Webpage}

{Love you with all my heart roses}

Turn your heart into a Valentine Heart Topiary.
{Say it with a rose!} </center>
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{Valentine Heart with sparkling red roses}

Valentine Heart

{Valentine Heart with purple roses}

Purple Heart

{Open your heart with love}

Valentine Heart

{This is beautiful for valentine}

Valentine Heart

{Pink Rose heart to decorate}

Rose Heart

{I'm making bunch of FTD Talking Bear for Valentine Day at my intern job.}

Talking Bear

{My heart turn orange}

Orange Heart

{Beautiful pink roses on the heart}

Pretty in Pink

{I'm making this topiary for valentine or wedding with 4 dozen of roses.}

Topiary Rose

{I'm working at Navlet's Florist for my internship.}

Valentine Day

{Roses are red violets are blue, just order flower from Jenny}

Roses Bowl

{Dozen of red roses for the one you love}

Dozen Roses

{Say I Love You with a rose!}
{A Swan Heart is perfect for the Guest's table}

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