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{Welcome to Jenny's Engagement Flower webpage}

Happy Engagement Party
{Beautiful bowl for birthday gift}
Perfect for Engagement or any special occasion

{Engagement ring}

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{trung boutoniere for future groom}


{trung boutoniere for future groom}


{boutoniere contain of roses, orchids, Hydrangra, fern, ivy, and greens}


{Enjoy this simple contemporary boutoniere}


{Enjoy this simple elegant bouquet for picture taking}

Fall Bouquet

{This bouquet is made for Cindy with white lilies, gold roses, and crystals }

Crystal Bouquet

{I wore this corsage to party}


{Over Shoulder Corsage specialize in European's style}

Shoulder Corsage

{boutonniere for the birthday person}


{Beautiful boutonniere for birthday}


{boutonniere that goes with the centerpiece}


{Contemporary Bowl of flower for birthday gift}


{Congratulations to both of you!}

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