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{A Srping Basket for you!}

Spring Basket.

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{I made this Centerpiece for Vietnamese New Year}

New Year

{I made this centerpieces for Vietnamese New Year Festival in Downtown San Jose}

New Year

{Perfect for the church ceremony or for reception site}


{Perfect for the Head Table}

Head Table

{This centerpiece is for any occasion}


{Contemporary Centerpiece with Cattleya Orchid, roses, and foliages.}


{Contemporary Centerpiece for any occasions}


{Centerpiece for wedding}


{Centerpiece for Head Table}


{centerpiece for Receptionist Table}


{Centerpiece at Guest's Table}

Guest Table

{White Vase Arrangement with White Longiflorum Lilies, Hydrandra, White Veronica, Hybrid Delphinium, Queen Anne's Lace, White Stock, Avalanche Roses, and Calla Lillies}

Vase Arrangement
{Say I Love You with a rose!}

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