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{Congratulations from Jenny's Flowers}

Centerpiece for your party.
{ Beautiful White Lilies Centerpiece}
Perfect for weddings or any special occasion

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{Centerpiece for the ceremony}


{Lily of THe Nile Topiary perfect for summer}

Lily of Nile

{Topiary shell Pink roses for the party}

Topiary Rose

{Lilly of the Valley and Tullip make a simple elegant vase for the Guest's table}


{Beautiful white Lilies and gold for 50th anniversary at San Francisco Convention Center}

50th Anniversary

{White Polo roses, Casablanca lilies, orchids, marigold, Gerbera daisies, Ivy, and greens for the centerpiece}

50th Anniversary

{San Francisco Convention Center for Senecio and Antonia Saguid 50th Wedding Anniversary}

50th Anniversary

{Beautiful white Urn to decorate}

White Dream

{Striking flowers sit at the top of the cake with a festive cluster placed in the middle.  Delicate petals are placed on the base layer with another striking cluster fashioned at the base.}


{Beautiful Centerpiece}


{Centerpiece for Wedding}


{Charming heart-shaped with champagne sweethearts roses surrounded by white Bouvardia and sheer gold ribbon perfect for the Bride, bridesmaids, or use as centerpiece at the Reception's Table.}


{ Beautiful Swan vase for the party}

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